Sunday, May 13, 2018

Transition Reflection


On a sunny hot day May 8th 2018, Ms. Angela fifth grade class walked down to a Pre.k
Class for their our transition unit. We went there to experience what it was like to be 4 years old again. While we were walking, it felt like walking on lava! Because it was a realy hot day.

Something that we did at the Pre.k class was:
1.Open shut them- Song
2.Speckled frogs-Song
3.Who sank the boat-Story/Math
4. Counting up to ten/ taking pictures-Math
5.How to count-Math

Open shut them was a song for kindergarten students/kids. I think this song was meant to get ready for them to listen to the teachers, or to be quiet.
Image result for open shut them

Speckled frogs is also a song for younger kids that sing. This is kind of for fun, kind of Math because we count down the frogs every each time and we repeat it every time.

Also we read the book called Who sank the boat?. This book is also kind of for fun but kind of math because we guess who sank the boat because the Cow, pig, donkey, sheep and the mouse. When the mouse went on the boat at last the boat started to sink down.
So we as a class we guessed how much it weighed in total.

Image result for who sank the boat

We counted up to ten. And we got our Ipads and we took some pictures starting from one to ten.  With different materials, we took the pictures. For example for number one I used a colour pencil. And for number 4 I did four wooden chairs. That is how we did it for taking pictures with materials.
Image result for number 1                                                     Image result for 10 number

We learned how to count in many different ways. What I mean by in many different ways is that when my teacher Ms. Angela told us a number we put up our fingers and showed the number that she said. For example she said number 4 we showed the number with our fingers.

Going back to K1 felt weird and kind of happy because when we were doing all these kids things, it was weird and I kind of felt happy because it was easy, fun, and not hard. I wish that I could turn back time and go back to K1. I also can't believe that it's already grade 5 and soon I am going to grade 6. K1- G5/G6 can't believe it! It was very fun!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

PYPX Reflection


                                             PYPX Exhibition Reflection

A few weeks ago our school had done our Exhibition. Our group had explained the Issue, Action, and our SDG.( Sustainable Development Goals) Which is Zero Hunger. We explained the things really well so it will make people interested in our Exhibition. But something that we need to improve is that we didn't really explain the issue really well because when people asked the question about the issue the issue kept on changing.

For our Exhibition we had speacialists for our Exhibition which was Technology, Art, Music, Physical Education,etc. We chose Art but then so many groups chose art so our group coudn't go. My passion was drawing which goes in Art. But since we didn't go I was kind of upset. So we had to go the library and researched.

How our group got our Action was by researching. We found some information on our own but mostly the teachers helped us find information for our Action. I think we need to improve on researching by ourselves more without any help to get ready for Middle school. For example our Researching skills. We need to improve our Researching skills.

Our group found new facts, new vocabulary and ideas were found also we used the information to make or to take Action. We mostly read article/s  to find a action for us. But maybe next time if we find new vocabulary or find new facts, I think we should write it down somewhere so we don't forget about it. So we could use them next time and we could keep on doing our Action!

As a Communication person in our group, I listened and followed directions and also I read and oraganized my information notes from various resources. I think I should have read my information more and added some more information because my part was short when I was explaining to the people at Exhibition.

My Resesarching skills was good by Presenting research findings in an Information Report. When I was researching for the Introduction, I got a lot of help from the teachers but then I didn't really put enough,more interesting information in it. So next time I could find some more interesting information.

My Social Skill was good by  worked toward a group agreement,discussed ideas and asked questions to my group what we need to do helped each other and asked questions to each other that I/we are not sure of. But maybe we should have helped each other more because then we will finish it much faster and we could quickly check with the teacher or our Mentor.

My Self-Management was good as usual because we planned,carried out and completed activities,kept track of resources needed including research, mentor meeting forms, process journal and display pieces,and scheduled time with mentors and speacialists and made all appoitments on time. Next time in other groups I think we should show more respect to each other. Because we sometimes got annoyed by each other and we coudn't really work that quick and nicely.

The Exhibition went greater than I thought because a lot of people came to our groups Exhibition and gave us some more information that we didn't know and gave us feed back after the board game that we made. But before we started our Exhibition, I was worried because not a lot of people might come and also I was really nervous presenting infront of adults and parents. But then when the Exhibition finished, I felt really proud of myself and I was feeling really happy. Also felt like doing Exhibition again. And I thought: ''Why was I nervous?'' and ''Why was I worried?''. I wish I could do Exhibition again.

Monday, March 26, 2018


                                          G4/G5 Concert

On Thursday witch was on March 15th, we had a concert at the auditorium at 9:00 am. There were a lot of people in the auditorium it was almost the size of the auditorium. When the concert started, the band was the first one to be on stage. It was pretty exiting before we were going on the stage.    

After, we finished 3 songs which was Lightly row, Let’s rock and Mickey Mouse March.Then the strings went on stage and played there songs. But honestly it was kind of Uninteresting.

Lastly, the G4 and G5 had a finale stage together. It was the song called ‘Have you ever seen the rain’. I think it was a pretty good song for a G4 and 5 to do it together. It sounded really amazing, loud, and clear. The combined stage was really outstanding and fantastic.

Over all  the concert was unforgettable because the band was the best part for me!

This is a response to the concert that we had at March 15th
The purpose of a response is to retell and judge
One thing I did well in my writing was: Telling it detailed and not too long
One thing I would change is: Maybe I could tell a little bit more about it with the main idea

Monday, February 12, 2018

Discussion Writing

                         Would you rather have a pet or a sibling

 People don’t usually like being  alone so they like having company
Some people want a sibling but some people prefer having a pet

The first reason why you should have pets is that if you don’t have any siblings you should play with your pet or pets.But if you have more than one pet that is better because if one pet is a cat and cats don’t really play,and you have another pet that is active you can play with him/her.

The second reason why you should have a pet is you can have fun playing with your pet and having good memories with he/she so you will be happy and having a good life.

         However you could have a sibling because, pets may die after a few years later and your parents may not let you buy another pet when it dies.And they won’t be there for you everyday but siblings can be there for you most of your life!

         The second reason why you should have a sibling is that you could also have good memories before you get separated when you grow up,and also they are very very useful and helpful to all of us.

         My conclusion is having a sibling and a pet because they are both very good and useful.For example is that they both makes us happy when we are feeling bad.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Fraction Do's and Don't

↴                                          Fraction Do and Don't


        If you see at the first question,do you think it's True or false? Answer is false because,it can't just add the denominator because it's not the same equal parts.

The actual answer is 5/6.This is how I solved it.


This picture above is the right thing to do.
The wrong way is this:



Thursday, January 11, 2018

Governance Opinion

I prefer..Demoracy because that it will be good if we hear everyones opinion and what they want.

I don't like...Dictatorship because it's just to strict and makes people embarrasing and you can't laugh that much and it sometimes make peoples feeling bad.